Admission – September 2024


The Doctoral School of Sociology is NOT organizing an admission session in September 2023. The next admission session will be in July 2024.

For registration is required the consent of the coordinating professor on the first page of the project (“I agree” + signature).

Timeline for the doctoral studies admission:

  • JULY 3-14, 2023 REGISTRATIONS;
  • JULY 17, WRITTEN TEST, 9 AM, HALL 201;
  • JULY 18, display of the results of the written test;
  • JULY 18, filing any appeals;
  • JULY 19, display of the results of the appeals;

DISPLAY OF FINAL RESULTS (for each form of funding): JULY 21.

PLACE CONFIRMATION: JULY 22-26. Submitting the original study documents to the file of the candidate admitted on the place funded from the budget; failure to present the original diplomas on time, through the sole fault of the admitted candidate, leads to the loss of the place financed from the budget, copies of the study documents and the receipt for the fee of 1000 RON, for the candidates admitted on a paid place.


The amount of the registration fee, 2023, is 300 RON. The fee can be paid online at:

The registration fee in year 1 is 50 lei. It will be paid by candidates admitted in year 1, regardless of the form of funding.

Tuition fee: 12000 RON / year, for the 1st year of study (for students registered on fee places) [Details]
Admission of doctoral candidates is done by contest. The admission contest from 2023, will take place according to the legislation in force, according to the Order of the Minister of Education for the approval of the Framework Methodology regarding the organization of admission in the cycles of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies and this Methodology.

BIBLIOGRAPHY for the written test

The books are available at the Library of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, in Schitu Măgureanu no. 9.


  • Atkinson, Sam (Ed.). The Sociology Book. Big Ideas Simply Explained. DK Penguin Random House. 2015
  • Babbie, Earl, The practice of social research. International edition. Wadsworth. 2013.

Social Work:

  • Payne, Malcolm, Modern Social Work Theory, 3rd edition, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.
  • Babbie, Earl, The practice of social research. International edition. Wadsworth. 2013.

Doctoral Studies Admission Methodology 2023

List of Professors Who Can Coordinate PhD Thesis 2023

Types of Certificates of Linguisitc Competence 2023

Registration form – EU citizens (2023)

Registration form – non-EU citinzens (2023)

Application for registration

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