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Taxa înscriere


International Sociological Association USD 50 (1 Year) USD 105 (1 Year)
American Sociological Association USD 20 (doar pentru master/doctorat la zi) + USD 30 (acces la publicatii) USD 45 + USD 45 (access la publicatii)
European Survey Research Association EUR 30 (1 Year) EUR 30 (1 Year)
The Australian Sociological Association - USD 50 (1 Year)
Eastern Sociological Society USD 30 (1 Year) USD 65 (1 Year)
European Association of Social Anthropologists EUR 30 (1 Year – master sau doctorat in antropologie) EUR 50 (1 Year)
European Anthropological Association EUR 11 (1 Year) EUR 21 (1 Year)
European Society for Rural Sociology GBP 19 (1 Year) GBP 45 (1 Year)
The International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences US 20 (2 years) US 30 (2 years)
The American Political Science Association USD 43 (1 Year) USD 93 (1 Year)
International Political Science Association USD 40 (1 Year) USD 85 (1 Year)
European Political Science Association EUR 30 (1 Year) EUR 60 (1 Year)
The Association for the Study of Play USD 25 (1 Year – without TASP Annual ) USD 65 (1 Year – Student with TASP Annual)

European Association of Social Psychology EUR 15 (1 Year – (expira dupa 4 ani sau la finalizarea doctoratului,
taxa de 15 euro se plateste anual)*
EUR 30 (1Year)
Society for Personality and Social Psychology USD 25 (1 Year) USD 50 (1 Year)**
American Anthropological Association USD 35 (1 Year)***
European Sociological Association EUR 40 (2 Years – (copy of valid ID required) EUR 50 (2 Years)****
International Visual Sociology Association international USD 25 (1 Year) USD 33 (1 Year)
ATGENDER EUR 25 (1 Year) EUR 75 (1 Year)*****

Political Studies Association of the UK GBP 44 (1 Year – Graduate Members) GBP 76 (1 Year)
European Association for Population Studies EUR 20 (1 Year)****** EUR 35 (1 Year)
Association for the Teaching of the Social Sciences (ATSS) GBP 63 (1 Year) GBP 68 (1 Year)
Sociologists for Women in Society USD 14 (1 Year – Income less than USD 15,000) USD 21 (1 Year – Income USD 15,000 – USD 19,999)
International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and
Society (IASSCS) USD 60 (1-Year Membership plus CHS subscription – Students from the South )
International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) USD 40 (1 Year) USD 60 (1 Year)
Rural Sociological Society USD 41 (1Year) USD 55 (1Year)
Regional Science Association International GBP 8 (1 Year-Online Only) GBP 14 (1 Year-Online Only)
Association for Social Economics USD 25 (1 Year – Full-Time Student) USD 55 (1 Year)
European Union Studies Association USD 65 (2 Years ) USD 105 (2 Years- (Income $70,000/yr or below))
IASSIST USD 25 (1 Year) USD 50 (1 Year)*******

*EASP membership incorporates an automatic subscription to the European Journal of Social Psychology, which is published six times per year (postgraduate members only receive electronic access), the European Review of Social Psychology, as well as electronic access to the Social Psychological and Personality Science.

**At no additional cost beyond the annual membership fee, SPSP members receive subscriptions to the following publications:

***The annual membership fee is $35 which includes a membership to the AAA’s National Association of Student Anthropologists section. Also, a discounted rate of $30 is available for college/university anthropology clubs signing up 3 or more new members and must be sent by the club’s faculty advisory.  Access to AAA publications on AnthroSource.

Access to the members-only online AAA Guide which contains information about academic programs, museums, agencies and organizations employing anthropologists, and field school opportunities.

Stay current on what is happening in the discipline with online access to AAA’s newsletter, Anthropology News.

****All members of the ESA receive not only the European Sociologist Newsletter, but also, if they are regular members, our journal European Societies, published by Routledge. And all ESA members pay significantly reduced fees when they register at our biennial conferences!

*****We are now proud to inform that ATGENDER members can get a subscription on European Journal of Women’s Studies and Feminist Theory at a reduced rate. A member deal with the Routledge series Routledge Advances in Feminist Studies and Intersectionality is also settled (20% reduced rate).

******(Students should identify themselves as being a student by submitting a copy of their student card by mail)

*******Memberships are based on a July-to-June year. Benefits of membership include:

  • participation in IASST-L, the organization’s electronic list.
  • access to the IASSIST Membership Directory
  • involvement in a network of professionals with similar interests
  • opportunity to serve on IASSIST committees and action groups