Articole Compaso

Articole publicate de doctoranzii Școlii doctorale de sociologie în Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology:

Anca Mihai, Georgiana-Cristina Rentea, Daniela Gaba, Florin Lazăr & Shari Munch, 2017 / Connectivity and discontinuity in social work practice: Challenges and opportunities of the implementation of an e-social work system in Romania [Full text / pdf]

Alexandra Ciocănel, 2017  / “A remedy that suits me”: Classification of people and individualization in homeopathic prescribing  [Full text / pdf]

Alina Petra Marinescu-Nenciu, 2015 / Euthanasia and normality in Romania or Being reluctant to a good death [Full text / pdf]

Cătălina-Ionela Rezeanu, 2015 / The relationship between domestic space and gender identity: Some signs of emergence of alternative domestic femininity and masculinity [Full text / pdf]

Elisabeta Toma, 2015 / Powerful elderly characters in video games: Flemeth of Dragon Age [Full text / pdf]

Ioana Cărtărescu-Petrică, 2015 / Do those who play together stay together. A study of the World of Warcraft community of play and practice [Full text / pdf]

Alina Petra Marinescu-Nenciu, 2015 / Collaborative learning through art games. Reflecting on corporate life with ‘Every Day the Same Dream’  [Full text / pdf]

Elisabeta Toma, 2015 / Self-reflection and morality in critical games. Who is to be blamed for war? [Full text / pdf]

Roxana Bratu, 2014 / Portrayals of Romanian migrants in ethnic media from Italy [Full text / pdf]

Roxana Bratu, 2013 / Vocabularies of happiness [Full text / pdf]

Miriam Cihodariu and Lucian-Ştefan Dumitrescu, 2013 / The motives and rationalizations of the European right-wing discourse on immigrants. Shifts in multiculturalism?  [Full text / pdf]

Alina Petra Marinescu-Nenciu, 2013 / The rhetoric of a former corporate job. How people construct their working experience in conversation  [Full text / pdf]

Alin Croitoru, 2012 / An insight into the nature of the relationship between migration and entrepreneurship  [Full text / pdf]

Andra Larionescu, 2012 / Les maisons bâties au village d’origine dans les représentations des migrants roumains [Full text / pdf]

Miriam Cihodariu, 2012 / Narratives as instrumental research and as attempts of fixing  meaning. The uses and misuses of the concept of “narratives” [Full text / pdf]

Andra Letiția Jacob Larionescu, 2012  / Migrants’ housing in the homeland. A case study of the impact of migration on a rural community: the village of Marginea, Romania [Full text / pdf]

Ana Maria Borlescu, 2011 / Being a homeopath. Learning and practice in a homeopathic community [Full text / pdf]

Andrada-Mihaela Istrate, 2011 / From pathological to professional: gambling stories [Full text / pdf]

Ștefania Matei, 2011 / Media and migration. Layers of knowledge in Romanian written press  [Full text / pdf]

Miriam Cihodariu, 2011 / A rough guide to musical anthropology     [Full text / pdf]

Iulia Cornigeanu, 2010 / The clones: a new phenomenon in the literary environment      [Full text / pdf]

Ioana Florea, 2010 / Narrative online and offline spaces. Field notes from the becoming of an anthropologist  [Full text / pdf]

Alexandra Zontea, 2010 / Advertising identities: virtual galleries as places of identity    [Full text / pdf]

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